The App Works!

The Android device came in a couple of days ago.  I was able to download the app I created onto the phone, but had to change the security settings to allow installation of an app from unknown sources.  The phone promptly gave me a warning regarding the possibility of problems with security (or lack thereof) […]

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Augmented Reality for Beginners

Introduction As part of the Athabasca University MDDE 610 course, the students have been asked to identify something that we want to learn and then use a Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) program to obtain that instruction. The first thing we need to understand is what is CAI?  According to Romaniuk (2013), CAI is “learning through […]

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List for AR app in Unity

This is the checklist that I created for myself for the creation of the AR app in Unity: Sign in to Vuforia and create a licence key. Create a new scene in Unity. Set up your build settings for Android or iPhone (remember to switch platforms and to add the open scene). Delete the main […]

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Injury Reduction in Medical Sonography

Recently I provided an education session on injury reduction in Diagnostic Medical Sonography.  The following is an excerpt from the document I produced for the course.  The image above was created by Ivan Shidlovski and is being used under a non-commercial license. Causes of Workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSDs) It has been stated that the “physiological […]

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Self-Talk: The use of “should”

I was recently facilitating a course and I made a comment that struck a few chords.  Interestingly enough, it was regarding the cognitive distortion should.  Let me tell you the background.  There are certain thinking traps that we can fall into.  One of them is using the word should in our internal dialogue.  As Dr. […]

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