List for AR app in Unity

This is the checklist that I created for myself for the creation of the AR app in Unity:

  • Sign in to Vuforia and create a licence key.
  • Create a new scene in Unity.
  • Set up your build settings for Android or iPhone (remember to switch platforms and to add the open scene).
  • Delete the main camera, insert the Vuforia AR camera and place the target image under the AR camera.
  • Go to Edit -> Project Settings -> Player.  In the inspector tab on the right, under XR settings (bottom), check the Vuforia Augmented Reality Support.
  • Choose the AR Camera and under the inspector tab, Open Vuforia Configuration and insert the licence key.
  • Tick and add databases (in my version it is automatically chosen because TrackingBehaviour is enabled on scene load).
  • Under Hierachy, click ImageTarget to select.  Under the inspector tab, choose the image that you want.  The image is automatically inserted when chosen.  Resize image as per what you would like for size.
  • Click AR Camera under Hierarchy.  Increase it’s height (position Y = 3) and then rotate it 90 degrees (X = 90) so that it looks down on the target image.
  • This is where the instructor asks you to “go shopping” in the asset store.  This is the concern that I will have for my ultimate project.  How do I make the asset so that it can be used in Unity?
  • When you want to rescale something, remember to choose the rescale icon, then place the cursor over the central box of the image.  Holding the left mouse button, move the mouse up or down to scale the image.
  • Go back to the ImageTarget (under Hierarchy) and choose to enable Extended Tracking.  This allows you to move the webcam a bit without losing the image.
  • I am not sure if this is a Mac version of the product, or because it has been through several updates since the course rendering, but on my inspector tab -> Image Target Behaviour (Script) -> Advanced, the extended tracking needs to be enabled through the Device Tracker Settings.
  • Set the tracking mode to Positional and the Fusion Mode to Optimize for Image Targets and VuMarks.
  • Make sure that the “com.CompanyName.Product” are filled out and then choose “Build” and save the new app.

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