Office Ergonomics

In my career, I have been asked to consult on various projects.  On an individual basis, I have been asked to review office workstation ergonomics.  Often the concern is lack of knowledge on setting up the area so that it is appropriate for the client.  If you read the current standards of training, there is an expectation to review the material in 90 minutes (CSA Group, 2017).  There is a free version of the training available from Public Services Health & Safety Association that was published by the Institute for Work & Health (PSHSA, 2018).  It provides information that was  identified in the CSA Standard as necessary (CSA Group, 2017).  So, if you have 90 minutes to review the detailed knowledge, there is a free e-course available.

But what if you do not have 90 minutes?  It has been my experience in the present workplace settings that it can often be difficult to take this amount of time.  Or, you take the time in the evenings.  I have created a course that tries to break down the information into the basic need to know, but in no way will replace the extensive information provided in the 90 minute session.  The application is free and can be accessed by clicking here.

What else do I like about the application?  Well, when I was working as a physiotherapist in a private clinic, I would often give advice for the client to have their office workstation assessed to ensure proper setup to avoid aggravating their neck or back pain.  If the client did not have access to someone at their workplace to conduct the assessment, an appointment could be made for someone else to conduct the assessment.  The cost for the assessment included travel time, time for the assessment and training, and the report.  At $90-$120 per hour, this could be a large barrier.  With this application, if your healthcare practitioner (e.g. physiotherapist) agrees with the advice, you can set up your workstation, take a picture or two and bring the pictures to your next appointment for review.  

Another bonus – you can use the application when you want to instead of waiting for an appointment.  And you can review the application again whenever you wish.

If there is one thing that I can stress about the training – a perfect setup will not reduce the risk of injury if you do not move.  There is a need to incorporate getting out of the chair by going to a printer across the room, drink more water, or do other tasks in standing as a few examples.

I hope this application helps.  Let me know what you think.



Canadian Standards Association Group. (2017). Office ergonomics – An application standard for workplace ergonomics.  Retrieved from

Public Services Health and Safety Association. (2018). eOfficeErgo: Ergonomics e-Learning for Office Workers. Retrieved from

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